Navigating complex personal injury cases

Nguyen Leftt P.C. is a boutique litigation firm in New York City focused on the presentation of complex medical evidence at trial. We primarily prosecute the complex accidents or medical negligence resulting in Traumatic Brain Injuries – a new frontier of medical science and litigation.

We use the term “navigate” because we understand that our clients can feel lost in the complex world of modern medicine and even more so when combined with the legal system. We necessarily maintain a small caseload so that we can devote our full attention to every client that we represent.

This does not mean that every case will go to trial. To the contrary, our cases often settle near or at the time of trial. These settlements are often accompanied by confidentiality agreements that require each of the parties to keep the amounts paid by the insurance companies private. We take these agreements seriously.

However, you should know that the results, for our clients, are often very favorable. As an example, a client and his family came to us very frustrated. He was severely injured and his life was falling apart. Yet his lawyer was pressuring him to accept the insurance company’s ‘final’ settlement offer of $250,000.00, a small sum considering what he felt to be devastating injuries. We reviewed the evidence and knew we could navigate him safely to a just result. After about 19 months of meticulous evidence gathering and trial preparation, we resolved the case for $5,000,000.

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