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The Nguyen Leftt team of H.Q. Nguyen and Andrew Leftt obtained a $3,500,000 settlement for a pedestrian struck by an automobile.

After obtaining summary judgment on the issue of responsibility, or liability, we set out to prove the subtle but severe damages from a mild traumatic brain injury.  Despite a slew of negative radiological and even neuropsychological tests, we believed, and continued to fight for, our client.  Our relentless investigation turned up witnesses that were beyond reproach, and complex financial documents that helped support the claimed injury.  Despite a failed mediation attempt, NL kept the pressure on and the case settled prior to trial.   


The Nguyen Leftt Trial Team of HQ Nguyen and Andrew Leftt obtained $3,750,000 for a construction Laborer that exacerbated his previous back injuries.

NL came in as trial counsel on a case involving a 29 year old laborer, building a house, who fell off over the unguarded second floor ledge onto the kitchen island below causing our client to suffer further back injuries necessitating a back surgery. Although our client had prior back injuries from two car accidents, we embraced his prior injuries as proof that he was more susceptible to permanent and disabling injuries due to his construction accident. We spent many hours meeting with our client to fully realize and understand the depth and extent of his injuries and loss. We also analyzed how labor laws in NYS would apply to this construction accident and became confident that we would prevail on the issue that our client’s construction accident was 100% due the negligence of the building owner and the general contractor. This allowed us to fully convey the strength and value of our case to the insurance company leading to a $3,750,000 settlement without the need of a trial.


NL trial lawyer Andrew Leftt, with assistance from HQ Nguyen and Stephen Chakwin, obtained a $2,000,000 settlement from the City of New York in a case rejected as not winnable by one of NYC’s most famous personal injury firms.

A 16-year-old boy was stabbed in the back after school by kids from a nearby school due to ongoing hostilities over a basketball game years earlier.  At the time of the stabbing, the school was closed and the doors were locked, so our client was unable to run into the school building to seek help. Our client was completely uninvolved in any hostilities.  Facing enormous odds because the law in these situations vastly favors the City and Department of Education, the referring attorney brought us this case after having tried to refer it and been rejected by two prominent law firms. Rather than leaving this high school student with nowhere to turn despite the enormous legal challenge, NL accepted his case.  With methodical and relentless investigation and litigation, we were able to obtain a settlement for this student that, with help from our skilled structure team, will provide safety for him for the rest of his life. 


NL trial lawyer John Beatty, with guidance from HQ Nguyen and Andrew Leftt, successfully resolved a case for a Police Officer who suffered mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) against a private sanitation company and the City of New York for $3,650,000.

A Police Officer was the passenger in a marked RMP that struck a private sanitation truck making a turn.  The “Black Box” in the police car showed it was speeding, in violation of the traffic laws.  In what is called a 205(e ) case, a statute allows a police officer to recover for injuries caused to her by a violation of any well-established body of laws, such as the Vehicle and Traffic Laws.  In preparing the case for trial, we had our client undergo tests and evaluations to prove the extent of her mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). Due to our knowledge and expertise with regard to mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), our client underwent extensive neuropsychological evaluation, neuro-radiological testing, as well as a number of other advance brain injury assessments.  John Beatty’s hands on investigation and relentless prosecution convinced both defendants to offer $3,650,000 without the need for a trial.


The NL principles H.Q. Nguyen and Andrew Leftt resolved a case for $2,750,000 against a major New York City construction project (owner and general contractor) on behalf of an injured union apprentice Iron Worker.

The young man was struck in the head by a beam being tossed above by union Carpenters.  Despite completely negative neurological imaging, we were able to convey the vestibular damage he sustained making a return to work to complete his apprenticeship unlikely.  We were brought into the case early on and our highly regarded motion practice resulted in the Court granting summary judgment on liability. 


The NL principles H.Q. Nguyen and Andrew Leftt resolved a case for $1,300,000 against a major New York City construction project (owner and general contractor) on behalf of an injured union Journeyman Steamfitter.

The Steamfitter fell from a ladder while breaking a pipe union during the massive gut renovation of an iconic New York structure. Despite a complex history of extensive injuries from a prior career, the NL Team was able to prove the exacerbation of some of those injuries from this fall.


Nguyen Leftt, by H.Q. Nguyen and Andrew Leftt, in the midst of preparing for trial, skillfully negotiated a pre-trial $2,500,000 settlement for an injured construction worker, a Union Journeyman Laborer, who was injured on a construction site. He left his prior attorneys and hired NL.

At the time NL took over the case, there was no offer of settlement made by the defendants. The construction worker had been out of work for many years prior to this accident, due to injuries he had sustained in a previous accident, which proved his damages extremely complex.  A private mediation with a well-known and well-respected mediator resulted in the NL Trial Team walking out.  The trial judge assigned to the case held numerous in-person and telephone conferences to eventually assist the parties in reaching a settlement before the trial commenced.  



The NL Trial Team of H.Q. Nguyen and John Beatty obtained a $1,600,000 settlement for a NYC Emergency Medical Services Paramedic injured as she slipped and fell on a dusty staircase while responding to a call.

The accident resulted in the Paramedic having a single level cervical fusion post-accident. Despite her neck injury, our client returned to work and was working full time at the time of trial. The fault and causation of our client’s injuries were heavily disputed and there was no offer of settlement throughout the litigation of the case. It was only the grit and determination of the NL Trial Team throughout trial that led to an offer of $1,600,000.00 as the jury in Brooklyn was deliberating. 


Nguyen Leftt, by H.Q. Nguyen and Andrew Leftt, reached a pre-trial settlement of $750,000 for a NYC Emergency Medical Service Technician injured when her ambulance was struck by another motor vehicle while responding to an emergency call.

The EMT’s shoulder required arthroscopic surgical repair, before she returned to work for more than a year and a half.  She was then re-injured, greatly complicating the prosecution of this case.  The NL Trial Team attended a mediation at the request of the defense, and the case did not resolve.  However, pretrial negotiations continued and eventually the parties reached an agreement right before trial.  


The NL Trial Team of Andrew Leftt and John Beatty obtained a verdict of $450,000 for an avid bicyclist struck by a car making a left turn onto a highway along New Jersey Route 9a.

The bicyclist sustained soft-tissue, non-surgical injuries to his forearm and shoulder, and also Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, that went untreated for years post-accident. The lack of treatment for this insidious condition made proving it extremely complex, and then it was further complicated by defense claims that Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder originated from his military and law enforcement background. The case was tried before a jury in Manhattan. 


An NL trial by Andrew Leftt resulted in a jury verdict of $1,400,000 after substituting as attorneys for another firm that was unable to try the case and unable to secure any offer of settlement. 

Our client was a pedestrian crossing the street outside of the crosswalk when the defendant struck her in his car. The defense blamed our client for darting out between parked cars. Our client suffered a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) superimposed on a pre-existing condition of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).  This is a high verdict for pain and suffering only since our client was able to continue working in a full time capacity after the accident and there was no claim for medical expenses submitted to the jury.  This case was tried before a jury in Manhattan.  


The NL Trial Team of H.Q. Nguyen and Andrew Leftt obtained a jury verdict of $25,500,000 million after 3 months of trial for a bicyclist harmed by the negligence of the New York City Transit Authority (NYCTA) and Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

Our client’s face was severely disfigured when the front tire of his bicycle nosedived into a 1 3/8 inch gap in the sidewalk. Several other well known law firms turned down the case, concerned they would be unable to prove that the NYCTA and MTA were negligent. NL rose to the challenge and was able to overcome the negative issues. This case was tried to verdict before a jury in Brooklyn.  


The NL Trial Team of H.Q. Nguyen and Andrew Leftt obtained a $4,750,000 settlement during a jury trial for a young nurse that was struck by a motor vehicle as she was crossing the street. She suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) that consisted of a skull fracture with epidural and subdural hematoma.

She underwent a craniotomy within 24 hours of the accident. Despite her traumatic brain injury, she returned to work in a matter of months. She worked full time, performing her work without noticeable signs of impairment to her colleagues. She also passed her boards, becoming a Nurse Practitioner after her accident and was able to gain employment as a full time Nurse Practitioner increasing her salary. The defense attorneys and insurance companies during the initial stages of litigation valued this traumatic brain injury case as one where the plaintiff fully recovered and offered no more than $250,000 after two years of litigation. As such, both Nguyen Leftt, P.C. partners, Andrew Leftt and H.Q. Nguyen, prepared for trial to fully explain the extent of Plaintiff’s traumatic brain injury despite her ability to work full time as a nurse and then as a nurse practitioner. Nguyen Leftt’s preparation for this trial included a mock jury trial to explore certain strengths and weaknesses of Plaintiff’s case. Nguyen Leftt won an argument at trial allowing the firm to use results from a Diffuse Tensor Imaging (DTI) MRI as evidence of Traumatic Axonal Injury (TAI). This is at the very forefront of scientific evidence in New York’s courts. Their extensive and meticulous preparation for trial, to explain the insidious nature of white matter damage and its subtle but significant effect on cognitive stamina despite plaintiff’s ability to return to full time work led to a settlement of $4,750,000.00 after two days of trial (the insurance coverage was limited to $5,000,000). We are proud of this result in not only that we achieved nineteen (19) times what was offered before trial but that we maintain a practice that allows for two seasoned trial lawyers to be able to devote their time and energy to a single trial to achieve a just result.*


NL, by H.Q. Nguyen, obtained $1,500,000 at a mediation for a construction worker, a laborer, installing cabinets at the build-out of a new retail space fell through an unguarded opening in the floor for a concrete staircase to the basement.

He landed on the concrete stairs below, sustaining an injury to his head and neck. A lawsuit was brought under New York’s Labor Law section 240(1), also known as the “scaffold law.” After his family noticed changes, he was examined by a neuropsychologist, who determined that he was suffering from cognitive and emotional changes from a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). Subsequently, a Diffuse Tensor Imaging (DTI) MRI was performed that demonstrated and corroborated the presence of white matter damage to the brain as a result of traumatic axonal injury (TAI). Nguyen Leftt prepared the case for trial by jury. At the behest of the defendants, the Firm agreed to attend a mediation, an increasingly popular alternative dispute resolution method. Despite no surgical intervention of any kind, Nguyen Leftt named partner H.Q. Nguyen conveyed the seriousness of the injuries to everyone present.


An NL trial, by H.Q. Nguyen, resulted in a jury verdict of $2,700,000 for a 58 year old woman, who was struck by a bus as she was crossing the street in a crosswalk.

She suffered neck, back, and knee injuries requiring cervical, lumbar and knee surgeries to all three parts of her body. She eventually returned to work as a baby sitter, walking several miles each day to and from her job. The defense hired private investigators to follow and video her as she worked looking after children in a family. The defense claimed that she darted out from between two parked vehicles beyond the crosswalk. The defense also claimed that our client was not paying attention and walked into the bus’ path while looking at her phone. After a six week trial, the jury found the bus company owner 100% negligent, and awarded her $2,700,000.


NL, by H.Q. Nguyen obtained a $2,250,000 settlement at the commencement of trial for a 37 year old man, who was shopping at Best Buy when a box containing a coffee maker fell from the shelf striking him on the back of his head.

Our client suffered a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) causing damage to the white matter of his brain, as well as injuries to his spine, back and neck. Numerous offers were made by Best Buy to settle the case before trial to test our resolve to see the case through verdict. It was only when we were about to start trial that the case settled for $2.25 million.*


An NL trial by Andrew Leftt resulted in a jury verdict of nearly $1,500,000 for psychiatric injuries, purely mental pain and suffering, lasting approximately 6.5 years for a cab driver rear-ended by a vehicle owned and operated by the City of New York.

A Queens jury disregarded the City of New York’s argument that the cab driver did not suffer a Traumatic Brain Injury as a result of being involved a minor impact accident. The City argued that the cab driver was not suffering from any cognitive or psychiatric conditions since he was able to drive 40 hours a week after the accident. At trial, the City offered $500,000, ten times the amount demanded by the first attorney who had the case.*


NL by H.Q. Nguyen obtained $6,875,000 at jury selection for a 47 year old immigrant laborer fell from a scaffold while at work and suffered severe Traumatic Brain Injuries resulting in subdural hematoma and subarachnoid hemorrhage in his brain.

In addition, our client suffered injuries to his neck, left shoulder and lower back. Despite the extensive injuries he suffered, our client, on the surface, appeared to have recovered extremely well and did not require use of any assisted devices. The defense and insurance companies insisted that our client mostly recovered based on the fact that our client did not require any assisted devices such as a wheelchair or constant supervision. But our client continued to suffer from cognitive and psychological problems. Based on sophisticated brain scans taken a few years after the accident we were able to prove that while our client looked on the surface to be well and normal, parts of his brain were permanently destroyed from a condition called encephalomalacia. The parts of the brain that revealed encephalomalacia several years later were in the same areas that showed subdural hematoma on the date of accident. The defense attorneys and insurance carrier insisted that our client had mostly recovered and suffered very little permanent problems from the injuries due to the accident as well as arguing that our client had suffered prior injuries to the same parts of the body from a prior accident. Our firm did not waiver from our position that our client suffered a life altering injury and could not work for the rest of his life as well as requiring medical care for the rest of his life and was able to achieve a settlement of $6,875,000.00 along with a total waiver of approximately $500,000.00 in worker’s compensation liens.*


Our client, a 46 yr old carpenter, suffered a mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) as well as neck and back injuries, when debris fell on his head as he was at work at a construction site.

Our client had 3 prior injuries to his neck and back prior to this accident. The defense disputed that the accident was due to their negligence as well as disputing that our client did not suffer a serious brain injury. They hired experts to say that our client was malingering as to his mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) as well as his neck and back for the sake of the lawsuit. Their initial offer of $150,000 was rejected. As we were getting ready for trial, we continued to educate both the defense attorney and the Court of the legitimacy of our client’s injuries and how his injuries affected his ability to work. In time, we were able to convince our adversary and the Court that the reason for our client’s work site accident was due to violation of work safety laws. The case ultimately settled for $2,200,000.


A 37 year old woman, suffered a mild Traumatic Brain Injury, neck and back injuries as a result of being struck on the head by a metal object that fell from the ceiling. The object was never recovered.

There was no reported loss of consciousness and she was treated and released from the E.R. on the same day. Our client underwent neuro-imaging tests that confirmed traumatic diffuse axonal injury to her brain. She also had lower back surgery 6 years after the accident. There was no settlement offer by the defense going into trial against our demand of $3 million. After over 10 weeks of trial and 6 days of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict awarding our client $4,300,000.


A 65 year old male, scientist, was struck by a delivery van while he crossed the street.

He had no injury anywhere on his body except for a moderate Traumatic Brain Injury. The injury caused him to be declared incompetent after a hearing before a Judge and he died from his injury almost one year after the accident. His case was settled during jury selection by Mr. Leftt for $3 million.


A young, single mother with a history of sickle cell anemia was overdosed on pain medication in an inner-City emergency room.

She never fully regained consciousness and sustained a severe brain injury due to the medical mistake. Mr. Leftt settled before jury selection for $4.375 million.


A 30 year old man, ex-convict, fell down a flight of stairs leading to an inner-courtyard in the middle of the night.

His medical reports showed alcohol and marijuana in his system at the time of his fall. He sustained an injury to his non-dominant arm and the brachial plexus nerves. His case settled during jury selection for $875,000.00 (there was a $1 million insurance policy).


A 42 year old male, laborer from Ecuador, suffered mild a Traumatic Brain Injury along with injuries to his shoulder and hand.

He was struck by a window frame that fell onto his fingers and bounced against his head causing him to fall back and to strike his head against the wall. At the time of the accident, our client was wearing a hard hat.  There was no loss of consciousness and our client was treated and released from the E.R. A CT scan at the E.R. was normal and showed no brain injury. Our client had hand and shoulder surgery. In the weeks before trial, the case settled for $2.2 million.*


A vehicle rollover caused a traumatic brain injury in a 50 year old man.

A 50 year old man, involved in a vehicle rollover, suffered a mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) along with neck, shoulder and lower back injuries. The case settled for $5 million just prior to jury selection.*


A male baby got stuck in the birth canal during his mother’s labor and delivery and the doctors injured him, causing Erb’s Palsy.

The baby made an almost complete recovery by the time he was two years old. When the trial began, the Judge suggested the responsible doctor settle for $25,000.00, after the Hospital settled for a confidential amount. The doctor refused to consent to settlement the jury returned a verdict for the injured child awarding $500,000.00, more than 20 times the judge’s suggestion for settlement.


A 50 year old male postal worker, struck by an elevator door, suffered neck injuries requiring surgery more than 3 years later.

The client also claimed memory and anxiety disorder as a result of being struck on the head. The case settled for $1.65 million after jury selection.*


Recent mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI) case in Westchester County resulted in a jury verdict awarding our client $2.5 million.


A 50 year old Jamaican man was struck in the rear by another vehicle causing neck and lower back injuries.

He returned to work as a construction worker two days later and continued to work full time for the remainder of the year. He underwent surgery to his neck one year and four months after the accident. The parties agreed to a settlement of $975,000 just prior to trial.*


A 52 year-old seasonal laborer fell from ladder while cleaning and scraping freshly painted wall.

He sustained a tear of his right thumb’s ulnar-collateral ligament and a herniation of his L4-5 intervertebral disc. The jury found that New York University was liable for the accident and awarded the laborer $600,000.*


A client with a pre-existing neck and back condition was involved in a car accident.

Client claimed that the accident aggravated his neck and back condition and underwent neck and back surgeries as well as shoulder surgery. Client also claimed that he suffers from psychiatric issues and other mild Traumatic Brain Injury symptoms. The case settled for $1.7 million five days before trial was to begin.*


A 57 year-old female undocumented immigrant from Malaysia was struck by a car.

She suffered brain injury as well as fractured ankle requiring surgery. According to hospital records, she fully recovered from her brain injury and was released. She did not have any earnings history and she was unmarried and without children. Her case settled for $1.5 million at the close of trial.*


A construction site accident caused a severe leg injury.

A construction worker tripped and fell off of a stairway due to lack of railing resulting in fractures of his left leg and injuries to his right leg, requiring numerous surgeries and permanent injuries and disability. Brought in as trial counsel, H.Q. Nguyen agreed to settle during trial for $3.3 million.*


A knee injury during a sports activity resulted in a settlement.

A young student slipped on water while playing basketball fracturing his knee. The parties agreed to a $250,000 settlement.*


A 42 year-old man was stopped at a red light when he was rear ended by another vehicle and suffered a lower back disc herniation, and a knee injury requiring arthroscopic knee surgery.

Approximately 3 years after the accident, our client began to suffer symptoms from Diffuse Axonal Injury including depression, anxiety disorder and other emotional problems. The parties agreed to a $1.5 million settlement just prior to trial.*


A 38 year-old male construction worker, fell approximately 5 feet striking his head. He suffered mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI), neck, elbow and lower back injuries.

Plaintiff went to the emergency room the next day and had no idea what happened until a few days later when he was told by his co-worker that he fell while working. MRIs and EEGs of his brain indicated that there was nothing wrong with his brain. After further neuro-imaging investigations by brain injury experts, we were able to argue that he suffered a Diffuse Axonal Injury (DAI). The parties agreed to a $3.25 million settlement within a few weeks of trial.*


A male construction worker fell when the wall he was standing on while working toppled causing a herniation of his L5-S1 intervertebral disc and entrapment of his left elbow’s ulnar nerve requiring surgeries to both his lower back and elbow.

Acting as trial counsel, after the seventh day of trial, the parties negotiated a $3 million settlement.*


A 33 year-old man was stuck in the elevator when it stopped between floors.

In trying to get out of the elevator, he injured his left, non-dominant, hand. He underwent surgery to his hand over a year later. The parties agreed to a $175,000 settlement on the day of trial.*


A 74 year-old man slipped on a freshly mopped floor at a supermarket and struck the back of his head on a cardboard box.

He suffered injuries to his head but did not seek treatment until six weeks later. He returned to full time work three months later and had no further treatment. The parties agreed to a $400,000 settlement just prior to trial.*

* Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.