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Helping our Community of Clients

A few weeks ago we received a call from one of our former clients who had recently received a notice to appear in court from his landlord. Mr. B. has been living with his family in their Queens apartment for 15 years since they arrived in the U.S. and called our office very worried about the possibility of having to uproot them. His landlord brought an action against him in Queens Housing Court to compel Mr. B to surrender possession of his apartment based on his lease having expired and their unwillingness to renew it. One of our paralegals did some research on housing law, accompanied the client to his hearing, and was able to help Mr. B come to an agreement with his landlord and remain in his apartment.

One of the most important things here at NL is that our clients, and even former clients, know their rights. We strive, not only to fight for our clients, but also to help them navigate other hurdles that may arise, sometimes as a result of their case.

We also make it a point to maintain open communication with our clients, and former clients. They trust us to have their best interests at heart. Our client community knows we have their back.

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